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The group of sheet halls is a typical storage facility. Halls of this type are used where their main purpose is storage. By using trapezoidal sheet metal as wall and roof covering, the building is a durable solution for years. Its versatility will satisfy every possible industry in the field of storage. Buildings are made individually for the customer which translates into the ability to choose the desired size and appropriate components.

Specification and manufacturing process

Process details

1. Design

We offer a full service of construction design preparation along with the preparation of the documentation required to obtain a building permit. Through the necessary analysis of the site development plan of the future investment and the needs of your business, we select the appropriate values of the building area so that they comply with the law. Proper design of the hall is associated with a thorough knowledge of your industry, which results in an optimal selection of materials and solutions for the planned investment.

2. Production

Process of steel structure production of the facility is the main pillar of each realized investment. Our constructions are made entirely of steel and in accordance with relevant European standards, which is supervised by inspection staff and certification body. This process also includes the necessary anti- corrosion and fire protection, which is determined individually for each object.

3. Assembly

The stage of assembly of the steel structure together with the sheathing of the building requires special precision. It is related to the proper location of the building and its final appearance. We provide complete supervision of the ongoing construction, verify the various stages, so that the newly constructed building meets your requirements and construction runs safely for its participants.

4. Acceptance

We carry out full verification of the completed facility in order to submit a declaration that the building has been constructed in accordance with building law. The scope of each of our investments is to provide full as-built documentation, which includes declarations of conformity, certificates, approvals and attestations.