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Why does working with SPARKZ guarantee the success of your investment?

At SPARKZ, safety and durability are the foundation of every construction project. We use advanced construction technologies to make structures more resistant to extreme weather conditions, including high winds, snow loads and the effects of moisture and corrosion. Each project is carefully analysed, allowing us to create structures that are reliable for decades. We implement quality management systems at every stage of the construction process, enabling us to maintain high standards.

Innovation is not just a buzzword for us – it is the basis of SPARKZ’s operations. We are constantly seeking new solutions and introducing innovative technologies to improve the quality, functionality and aesthetics of our products. Our engineering teams work on developing structures that respond to the dynamically changing needs of the market, thus ensuring that our customers have access to the latest developments in steel construction. All our projects are carried out on the premise of all optimisation while maintaining the latest and convenient technologies.

The quality of our customer service does not end with the completion of the project. At SPARKZ, we offer comprehensive after-sales support, including regular service, maintenance and professional technical advice. Our specialists are available to help with every aspect of the use and eventual upgrade of a steel hall, ensuring that each project remains functional and aesthetically pleasing for many years to come. We understand that users’ needs can change, so we are always ready to adapt our structures to new requirements, ensuring the continued satisfaction and comfort of our customers

We understand that our clients’ needs can change. That is why our projects are designed with flexibility and the possibility of future extensions or changes in the function of buildings in mind. Our solutions allow facilities to be easily adapted to new requirements, without the need for costly and time-consuming works. This approach allows us to respond dynamically to a changing market and evolving user needs, making our designs not only functional but also future-proof.

Every SPARKZ project is created with a deep respect for the surrounding space. We strive to ensure that our halls blend harmoniously with the local landscape and architecture, enriching the space rather than dominating it. In this way, our developments not only fulfil their utilitarian function, but become a valuable addition to their surroundings.

At SPARKZ, we believe that every project is unique. We offer a wide range of personalisation options, from materials and colours to finishes and additional equipment. This ensures that our clients receive a bespoke product that fully reflects their vision and preferences. Our design process is interactive and the client is involved every step of the way, ensuring that the final result is exactly what they wanted.

Our commitment to quality is evidenced by numerous approvals and certificates, including the CE mark, which demonstrates the compliance of our products with stringent EU safety, health and environmental standards. We give our customers quality guarantees on the work carried out and the materials used, ensuring confidence and satisfaction with their investment for years to come. Concern for the highest standards is a priority for us, which translates into the satisfaction and trust of our customers.

At SPARKZ, we understand that implementing a project is also a financial challenge. That’s why we work with reputable financial institutions to offer our clients attractive financing options, tailored to their individual capabilities and needs. Our team of financial experts helps navigate the available solutions, ensuring that any project, regardless of scale, can be completed to the highest standards. This allows our clients to focus on realising their visions, confident that the financial aspects are being managed effectively.

At SPARKZ, we place great emphasis on sustainability, using innovative technologies that minimise environmental impact. Our structures are designed to maximise energy efficiency, which not only helps to protect the environment, but also allows a significant reduction in operating costs for users. In addition, we aim to make full use of recyclable materials, thus closing the raw material cycle and reducing the carbon footprint of our designs. We also promote green energy in our projects, encouraging the installation of solar PV systems or the use of energy-saving technology to make our developments even more sustainable.

We specialize in implementing investments throughout Poland, offering our services in every province and major city. We are ready to undertake projects in both large metropolises and smaller towns, adapting to the specific needs and expectations of clients. Below is a list of all provinces and their largest cities where we are eager to carry out your investment.


Lower Silesian Voivodeship
  • Wrocław, Legnica, Wałbrzych, Jelenia Góra, Lubin, Głogów, Świdnica, Bolesławiec
Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship
  • Bydgoszcz, Toruń, Włocławek, Grudziądz, Inowrocław, Brodnica, Chełmno
Lublin Voivodeship
  • Lublin, Chełm, Zamość, Biała Podlaska, Puławy, Świdnik, Kraśnik
Lubusz Voivodeship
  • Zielona Góra, Gorzów Wielkopolski, Nowa Sól, Żary, Żagań, Słubice, Kostrzyn nad Odrą
Łódź Voivodeship
  • Łódź, Piotrków Trybunalski, Pabianice, Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Bełchatów, Zgierz, Skierniewice
Lesser Poland Voivodeship
  • Kraków, Tarnów, Nowy Sącz, Oświęcim, Chrzanów, Zakopane, Wieliczka
Mazovian Voivodeship
  • Warsaw, Radom, Płock, Siedlce, Ostrołęka, Pruszków, Legionowo
Opole Voivodeship
  • Opole, Kędzierzyn-Koźle, Nysa, Brzeg, Kluczbork, Prudnik, Strzelce Opolskie
Subcarpathian Voivodeship
  • Rzeszów, Przemyśl, Stalowa Wola, Mielec, Tarnobrzeg, Krosno, Jasło
Podlaskie Voivodeship
  • Białystok, Suwałki, Łomża, Augustów, Bielsk Podlaski, Grajewo, Zambrów
Pomeranian Voivodeship
  • Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot, Słupsk, Tczew, Starogard Gdański, Wejherowo
Silesian Voivodeship
  • Katowice, Częstochowa, Gliwice, Sosnowiec, Zabrze, Bytom, Rybnik
Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship
  • Kielce, Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, Starachowice, Skarżysko-Kamienna, Sandomierz, Busko-Zdrój, Jędrzejów
Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship
  • Olsztyn, Elbląg, Ełk, Ostróda, Iława, Giżycko, Bartoszyce
Greater Poland Voivodeship
  • Poznań, Kalisz, Konin, Piła, Ostrów Wielkopolski, Gniezno, Leszno
West Pomeranian Voivodeship
  • Szczecin, Koszalin, Świnoujście, Stargard, Kołobrzeg, Szczecinek, Police


Regardless of location, our company guarantees the highest quality of services and full commitment to every project. Contact us to discuss the details of your investment and see how we can help achieve your construction and investment goals.


Certyfikat zgodności Zakładowej Kontroli Produkcji

Certificate conformity of the Factory Production Control

Spawalnicze Świadectwo Kwalifikacji

Welding Certificate




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