Insulated hall

Facility characteristics

The insulated hall is indispensable in industries where maintaining a constant temperature and humidity is crucial. In addition to storing sensitive products such as food, electronics or pharmaceuticals, it is ideal for use as warehouses, workshops, production areas, a logistics centre for e-commerce, or as research laboratories where specific environmental conditions must be maintained.

The completion time for an insulated hall depends on its size and specifications, but usually fluctuates around 3-6 months from design to final installation. This is also influenced by administrative procedures and site guidelines. Our company is able to speed up the process through the use of prefabricated elements and efficient coordination of the work.

The process of obtaining a permit begins with detailed geotechnical and environmental studies, which are necessary to develop a design that complies with the applicable standards. We then create design documentation based on the development conditions and the client’s requirements and apply for a building permit on the basis of an architectural and construction design. We have our own design department with experienced architects, which means that it takes us approximately one month from signing the contract with the client to complete the building documentation for the submission of the building permit.

The cost of building an insulated hall depends on a number of factors, including size, materials used and additional specifications. Once we have a complete specification of the hall from the customer, we are able to give an accurate price within a few days. For an accurate quote please contact our sales department.

How an insulated hall is constructed


Understanding the client’s unique needs and adapting the space for multi-functional use is key at this stage. We use the latest CAD and BIM (Building Information Modelling) software in our projects, allowing for effective collaboration between all design and construction teams. We design halls from the ground up based on the client’s requirements and the buildability of the location.


We use the highest quality materials, ensuring durability and energy efficiency. Each component is manufactured with the utmost precision and to exacting standards. Use the quotation form.


Thanks to the use of prefabricated components, the assembly of the hall is quick and efficient. Our assembly team consists of experienced professionals who take care of every detail, guaranteeing high quality workmanship.

Final acceptance

The final acceptance of the facility is preceded by a detailed inspection procedure to ensure that the facility meets the quality requirements.

Why commission us to build the hall

Our many years of experience in the industry, our commitment to each project, and our focus on individual customer needs make us the ideal partner for your insulated hall project. We provide a comprehensive service at every stage of the project, from design to final acceptance, guaranteeing the highest quality and satisfaction.

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The minimum hall area is 200 m²