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The marquee hall, thanks to its versatility and mobility, is used in many sectors. It is ideal not only for storage and exhibition purposes, but also as a venue for outdoor events, fairs, concerts, festivals or as a temporary sales outlet. It can also be used as a sports facility, such as a tennis court or squash hall, giving you the opportunity to quickly adapt to seasonal needs. In addition, marquee halls are often used as temporary places of worship, conference rooms or even as educational and workshop spaces.

The flexibility of the marquee hall’s construction enables it to be quickly adapted and extended according to the user’s current needs. Our experience in the design and construction of such facilities allows us to reduce the time required for assembly and, thanks to modern technology, we are able to further increase the efficiency of our work while maintaining all safety standards.

Our support includes comprehensive assistance in obtaining the necessary permits, which is important for both temporary and permanent constructions. Our knowledge of local regulations and requirements, as well as our close cooperation with the administrative authorities, enables us to significantly speed up the entire process.

We go to great lengths to ensure that our solutions are not only economical, but also as functional and aesthetically pleasing as possible. By optimising the design, choosing the right materials and implementing them efficiently, we are able to offer competitive prices while not lowering our quality standards. Once we have a complete specification of the building, our sales representatives will provide you with a quotation. Use the quotation form.

How a marquee hall is constructed


Our marquee hall designs are created with maximum adaptability in mind, allowing them to be used in a variety of conditions and for a variety of purposes. Thanks to the use of modern CAD and 3D software, we can plan every detail of the structure with precision, which translates into functionality, aesthetics and flawless execution.


In the production process, we place emphasis on the high quality of the materials used. The tarpaulin sheets we use are characterised by high resistance to weather conditions, UV, mechanical damage and are fire certified. In addition, the optional use of trapezoidal sheeting on the walls increases the durability and safety of the structure.


The assembly of our marquee halls is quick and efficient, thanks to our qualified assembly teams and the use of innovative assembly techniques. This allows the facility to be put into use immediately, minimising disruption to the customer’s business.

Final acceptance

We are committed to complete customer satisfaction, which is why each hall goes through a series of rigorous tests and quality checks before acceptance. This ensures that the hall meets all technical and safety requirements, ready for many years of use.

Why commission us to build the hall

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver marquee halls that combine functionality, aesthetics and cost-effectiveness. Our company constantly strives to innovate in order to offer tailor-made solutions for our customers. Thanks to our individual approach to each project, our flexibility in customising structures and our involvement at every stage of the construction process, we are able to provide a first-class service, from concept to completion. Our professionalism, experience and the wide range of options available make us the leader in providing marquee halls for every occasion.

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The minimum hall area is 200 m²