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Our livestock buildings are ideal for the agricultural industry, including poultry houses, barns and other livestock production buildings. They are designed with the specific needs of agriculture in mind. They will also find use for mushroom production.

The use of modern construction technology and the prefabrication of components allows us to significantly speed up the implementation process of livestock buildings. As a result, even complex projects can be completed in a short period of time, which is crucial for investors interested in getting started quickly.

Our cooperation with the client includes comprehensive assistance in going through the entire administrative process, including advice on site selection with a view to optimising environmental and construction requirements. Our experience with legal and environmental regulations is a guarantee of the smoothness of all procedures. Working closely with the client and the local planning authorities from the beginning of the process allows us to ensure that all procedures for obtaining planning permission are carried out smoothly. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of local regulations and requirements, our firm is able to provide support at every stage, from initial consultation to final project approval.

With each project, we strive to optimise the investment costs while not compromising on quality. The choice of materials and technology is tailored to the client’s needs and financial capabilities each time, and our solutions are designed to minimise future operating and maintenance costs.

How livestock facilities are built


In the design of livestock facilities, we emphasise ergonomics, animal welfare and labour efficiency. Our designs incorporate the latest research and trends in zootechnics, ensuring optimal conditions for the animals, resulting in their health and productivity.


In the production process, we use high-quality materials that ensure the durability of the structure and resistance to weather conditions. Our technologies allow for the precise execution of structural elements, which is the foundation of the solidity of any building.


Assembly is carried out by experienced assembly teams using proven working methods, guaranteeing speed of execution and the highest quality. We specialise in the construction of tailor-made livestock buildings for our customers, making efficient use of every square metre.

Final acceptance

Each project concludes with a thorough review and quality control to ensure that all aspects of the workmanship are as designed and meet the client’s expectations. We strive to ensure that our livestock facilities are not only functional, but also safe and durable.


We offer the construction of foundations and industrial floors. Our solutions are tailored to the specifics of each project, taking into account both the type of activity and the ground conditions.

With many years of experience in the construction industry, we have the necessary knowledge and skills to complete advanced livestock projects. Our construction team is always ready to provide top-quality solutions that meet the latest standards in agriculture. We have fixed and proven technologies for livestock buildings.

We specialise in the comprehensive implementation of livestock projects, offering a service of the highest standard. Our individual approach to each order, combined with our commitment and attention to detail, ensures that each facility is carefully considered and realised according to the client’s expectations. We strive to ensure that our realisations are not only efficient and functional, but also friendly to the animals and the people working with them, which is the foundation of modern agriculture.

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